SMC Medical Audit Plan
Sport Medicine Consultants, LLC, is designed to assist you with all aspects of your event medical plan. Our years of experience in the road race medical field can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to make appropriate medical decisions. In this ever changing industry, and the demands placed on event directors, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate and solve your particular medical coverage goals.

We offer:

  • Knowledge & expertise unsurpassed in the road race industry
  • 30 years of clinical, operational and medical/logistical event experience
  • Review of your medical standards of care verses industry norms
  • Ability to design medical sponsorship packages that in time can reduce, if not cover, your medical expenses.
  • Assure your medical plans and protocols are well within state and federal compliance.
  • An extensive network of industry experts are available to assist all SMC work.
  • Excellent organizing and summarizing capabilities allowing you to clearly evaluate your medical coverage plans.
  • Key corporate and medical contacts that can assist with soliciting medical volunteers.