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Athletic Trainers Key at Marathon

By: Bonnie D. Ford
Source: ESPN
Date: June 3, 2013
Like so many on the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Lehigh University director of sports medicine Jack Foley could not initially process what he heard at 2:49 p.m. on April 15. He thought a transformer had blown. He smelled smoke. He saw a runner in his 70s wobble and fall from the sonic shock that traveled through the pavement. Instinctively, Foley ran toward him, and as he did, he heard yelling off to his right that quickly became louder and more insistent. "Medical! Medical!"

Marathon medical tent ‘transformed into trauma unit’

By: Dr. Sushrut Jangi
Date: June 3, 2013
My friend and colleague, Dr. Jennifer Rosenberg, a family physician in Coolidge Corner, was attending to her patient when we heard two explosions – the second a few moments after the first. The medical tent was already packed with runners lying on cots for dehydration or hypothermia. We heard a calm voice from the center of the tent, belonging to John Andersen, one of our medical coordinators. “Stay calm, and stay with your patients,” he said, “while we figure out what’s happening.”

Boston Marathon doctor who treated victims recounts horrific scene

By: Lauren Grush
Source: FoxNews
Date: June 3, 2013
Dr. Martin Levine was in front of the A medical tent on Boylston Street Monday afternoon. It was his 19th year working at the Boston Marathon, and he was doing triage on runners needing medical assistance just a block away from the race’s finish line.

Endurance Sports Series

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The Boston Marathon As Mass Casualty Training

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The Last Pick

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Also joining us were Ed Jacobs (Technical Producer), Barbara Sicuso (Director of Registration), Chris Troyanos (Medical Services Coordinator), ...

Christopher Troyanos, ATC: the man behind—and out in front of—Boston's medical team from AMAA Journal provided by Find Articles at BNET.

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