"Given the incredible growth of participation in our sport, and the inexperince of some of our participants, the single most important aspect requiring professional assistance is in the area of medical coverage. Sports Medicine Consultants was developed specifically to address this overwhelming need in our industry. SMC brings years of experience and highly trained medical professionals to your event.

They will assess your medical needs, develop the plan, help recuit the necessary personnel, bring medical supplies and equipment and providing you a level of comfort that is so invaluable, while allowing you to focus on your race - SMC focuses on making sure all of your participants are safe. Race Directors should not consider anything less when it comes to the medical coverage for their event and to all participants."

Dave McGillvray
DMSE Sports


"On behalf of the Toronto Marathon, I’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you and your staff for the work that you’ve done to improve our overall safety and emergency response plan.

It was a pleasure working with you and given the short timetable that we gave you in which to formalize a working medical plan that met our criteria and budget, you achieved an excellent final result. While it may not be feasible at this time to implement everything in your report; we can use it as a template to work towards as we respond to our participants needs as the event evolves.

You worked well with Nancy and me as well and our medical committee to discuss and determine our concerns. Your expertise in improving the layout of the medical tent, formalizing a working relationship with Saint John’s Ambulance, Toronto EMS, and area hospitals provided a safer environment for all.

It’s often better to have someone from the outside looking in to provide a fresh approach with new ideas. Constructive criticism is a good thing and we appreciate and respect your observations and advice.

I am confident that the suggestions that you made will greatly improve our events medical response for participants and spectators alike."

Jay Glassman
Race Director, Toronto Marathon



"My first DNF......A note of thanks to Chirs Troyanos, ATC and the staff of Sports Medicine Consultants for thier assistance during the B.A.A Half Marathon on Sunday, October 19th 2008.

After running hundreds and hundreds or races and thousands of upon thousands of miles in over 20 years of running - I had a major meltdown at mile 7. Special thanks to Brent and Emma, 2 SMC staff members who gave me the help and medical assistance I needed.There coordination with Boston EMS and the Boston Medical Center made the difference after a very bad experience."

Runner from Winchester, MA



"Prior to working with Chris Troyanos and Sports Medicine Consultants (SMC), I had no way of evaluating the preparedness of my medical partner.  I lacked the expertise to assess whether they were adequately staffed, whether they were following best practices and whether they had the correct types and quantities of equipment and materials needed to care for my audience.  Chris served as an experienced third-party medical consultant rather than as an auditor.  He worked collaboratively with my medical partner through all facets of the event planning process to make sure we were doing everything possible to keep our participants safe.  I would recommend his services to anybody in the event management field."


 Sean Ryan
Race Director, Cellcom Green Bay Marathon