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seminars & keynote addresses
Chris Troyanos, ATC – Founder and President of Sports Medicine Consultants (1980) – is a successful entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience serving as Medical Director and Coordinator for a number of well-established athletic events. He is known in the industry as a strategic-thinker and problem-solver, with a commitment to bringing race medicine and public safety together at endurance events. 

As the primary medical liaison to the cities and towns that support the Boston Marathon, Chris has developed long-term partnerships and forged strong ties with public and private agencies, medical corporations, and area hospitals. His ability to bring people together and foster collaboration – even between competing agencies and businesses – has allowed him to build a multifaceted but unified team, that works as one, to support this historic marathon.
Chris is a much sought-after lecturer on the subject of health care and safety for endurance athletes at large-scale events. He brings his extensive experience working with local, state, and federal agencies together with his personal experience addressing mass casualty concerns, to speak on a variety of subjects, with a common foundation: the importance of developing a team approach, resiliency, and overcoming obstacles.
Chris tailors his presentations to both medical and non-medical audiences. Although the subject matter frequently focuses on the 'hows and whys' of providing appropriate medical coverage at endurance events, he has also spoken to race directors, emergency managers, and corporate groups on a variety of other topics.
Past presentations include:
  • Medical Staffing & Protocols When Providing Care for Marathons (CA, 1999)
  • Medical Coverage for theBosotn Marathon (National AAHPERD Convention, 2001)
  • Uses of Medical Technology for Marathons (Boston, MA 2002)
  • Medical Concerns for 20 Thousand Runners (Boston, MA 2004)
  • International Association of Emergency Managers (San Antonio, TX, 2005)
  • The Boston Marathon Bombing – Aftermath & Crisis Management (2013 - 2017)
    • Dublin Ireland
    • Athens, Greece
    • Gutenberg, Sweden
    • Cape Town, South Africa
  • AIMS Annual Conference (Athens, Greece 2016)
  • Gutenberg Half Marathon Medical Conference (Sweden, 2017)
  • Cape Town Marathon Medical Symposium (South Africa, 2017)
  • Marine Corp Marathon Medical Symposium (2017)
  • Ontario Athletic Race Directors Summit (Toronto, Canada, 2018)
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