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Event Medical Coverage
SMC offers a wide range of services and deliverables customized to the needs and location of each event. There is no one size fits all scenario.
SMC can provide comprehensive medical coverage (including equipment, supplies and volunteer recruitment) but we are also available to work in consultation with your current medical services provide. 
SMC offers more than 30 years of experience and expertise (along with a vast network of resources, including corporate sponsors and medical professionals). No matter how large or small the event, we are committed to best practices and providing the highest standard of care to clients, athletes, staff, and spectators
SMC – Best Practices
risk management & emergency Planning

Comprehensive review of event requirements, current medical plan, risk factors and variables. Comparison to best practices. Recommended changes and improvements needed.

medical coordination

Contact and connect with local medical resources (hospitals, first responders, urgent care providers) to coordinate and prepare for potential injured and critical care patients, without overwhelming individual resources.

event engagement
with all stakeholders

Communication, pre-event planning, and integration of internal staff, external service providers, sponsors, local authorities, and emergency management services.

runner education
& follow up

Inform and advise participants concerning medical services available, emergency plan, and critical care procedures. 

Education, training, and orientation for internal staff, volunteers, and 3rd party service providers. 

education, training,
& orientation

Pre-event medical planning, on-site management and decision-making, integrated technology and communication  system, among all internal and external resources. 

project management,
IT & Communications
SMC – Comprehensive Coverage
Medical Tents

Planning the number, size, and placement of medical tents at the start, along the course, and in the finish line area depends on field size, course layout, and past medical needs.


SMC will work with your event and public safety partners to determine the best locations and number of tents needed to support your event

Equipment & Supplies

We understand that a number of events do not have the budget or space to adequately store and maintain an inventory. SMC can provide the necessary medical supplies and equipment, in the appropriate quantities, at no extra cost to your event.


In addition to a wide variety of wound care and first aid products, we provide splinting materials, AEDs, cots, IV supplies, immersion tubs, and rectal thermometers to handle hyperthermic runners. 


SMC believes in a multidisciplinary approach to safety and medical care. In addition to licensed medical staff, our team includes support staff for medical record-keeping, security, and communications personnel.


Our staff works as a team, to ensure consistency, efficiency, and clear communication when treating and caring for your athletes.


In addition to being your event's Medical Volunteer Coordinator, we ensure that all event medical staff understand and follow both the event and state medical protocols. It is vital that all licensed medical staff stay within the boundaries of their particular practice or specialty areas.


We vet all medical personnel licenses and provide pre-event training on medical and logistical protocols, so that your runners are cared for at the highest possible level. 


Clear and consistent communication is critical to any event's medical coverage program, which is why we provide and implement multiple communications tools and contingency systems. In the event of device failure, system interruption, or an unexpected emergency such as or mass casualty situation, our team we is always able to communicate with one another, with emergency personnel, and with local authorities. We use commercial radios, digital devices, emergency text and internet messaging, and we bring in amateur radio operators to all events.

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