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Sports Medicine Consultants is committed to sharing best practices, promoting innovation, and raising the standard of care for race medicine across the globe. 



On behalf of the Toronto Marathon, I'd like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you and your staff for the work that you've done to improve our overall safety and emergency response plan. It was a pleasure working with you and given the short timetalbe that we gave you in which to formalize a workin medical plan that met our criteria and budget, you achieved an excellent final result... It's often better to have someone from the outside looking in to provide a fresh approach with new ideas. Constructive criticism is a good thing and we appreciate and respect your observations and advice. 

Jay Glassman

Race Director, Toronto Marathon

Given the incredible growth in participation of our sport, and the inexperience of some of our participants, the single most important aspect requiring professional assistance is in the area of medical coverage. Sports Medicine Consultants brings years of experience and trained medical professionals to your event. They will assess your medical needs, develop a plan, help recruit the necessary personnel, bring  medical supplies and equipment. SMC makes sure that all of your participants are safe – allowing you to focus on your race

Dave MacGilvray

DMSE Sports

Prior to working with Chris Troyanos and Sports Medicine Consultants, I had no way of evaluating the preparedness of my medical partner. I lacked the expertise to assess whether they were adequately staffed, whether they were following best-practices, and whether they had the correct types and quantities of equipment and materials needed... Chris worked as an experienced third party medical consultant... He worked collaborative with my medical partner through all facets of the planning process to make sure we were doing everything possible to keep our participants safe. 

Sean Ryan

Race Director, Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

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What are your fees?

Clients generally find that our fees manageable as they are scaled to the size, location, and needs of each event. Providing specifics can be difficult without further information. Please contact us and we would be happy to work with you and your budget.

We already have a medical team in place for my event but I would like to make sure we are following best practices. Can you speak to our Medical Director or Coordinator to assess our program?

Yes – SMC is often asked to conduct medical audits for athletic events, including those with an existing medical program in place. This process includes a complete review of your medical program, public safety partnerships, communications program, and medical logistics plan.

Can you provide worksops or training to my medical and team?

Yes. As part of our medical audit services, we offer and conduct training programs that help prepare your team for a variety of scenarios they may face on race day.

How do I book you as a speaker at our next conference?

Call or email us at any time. We are more than happy to discuss a specific date or topic to present at your conference or event.

Do you provide and set up the medical tent and all the supplies needed?

Typically, we provide all the necessary medical supplies and equipment your event may need. This includes items to support the start, course, and finish line areas. When it comes to the specific medical tent structures, we work with you to find an appropriate vendor that meets all of the local and state code requirements.


Sports Medicine Consultants

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Sports Medicine Consultants

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